The guest ports

The guest ports are located at Bopallen (Västra Bryggan) and in Vettnet. As Nordkoster is a small island with limited groundwater access, there are no hoses on the jetties and our showers are subject to a fee.

Adjacent to the guest harbor at Västra Bryggan are two restaurants, Strandkantenand Galejen. On the road up to Basteviken is the Ekobodenrestaurant. In Vettnet there is a restaurant at the Kosterbaden hotel. If you are craving coffee, there is now also Baste's café, shop and bakery above Basteviken. If you have not fished yourself, in the summer there is an opportunity to buy fresh seafood from the fishermen in the harbor area.

The grocery store at Nordkoster is open during the summer.

In the middle of Sydkoster there is a small but well-stocked Ica store that is open all year round. If you take Kosterlänken over to Sydkoster, there are the restaurants Skaldjurscafét and Pacos at Långegärde. Please note that the cable ferry is unmanned during low season, September-May.


In Vettnet, the harbor master is on site sometime during the day. If you need help, call us.
Call the harbor phone during the day for help, +46 731 525 939.


Please note that we only accept cashless payment. This applies to all payment of guest port fees and all purchases at the port office.

In our showers, there are instructions on how to pay for shower usage. You can find the page HERE

Touching at the floating jetties

We take a maximum of 3 boats in width when touching the long side.


An upgrade of our internet in the ports is underway.

Sanitation house

Toilets and showers (fees apply) are available in the harbor areas. You pay for the shower HERE We recommend those of you who have the opportunity to shower on the boat due to Covid-19. At the back of the sanitary building at Bopallen/Västra bryggan there is a tap where you can collect water in a can. Please note that the water in Vettnet's sanitation house is not classified as drinking water!


Containers for household waste and glass recycling are available.

Deposit of Jars and Pet bottles

Containers for receiving deposits are located at Västra Bryggan and in Vettnet. The proceeds go directly to Kosters Sportklubb.

Emptying station for boat latrine

Located on the east side of Västra Bryggan. To start the emptying station, pull the emergency stop all the way out and press the start button. If you need help with emptying, call the harbor attendants.


A defibrillator is located in the waiting room at Västra Bryggan.


The weather in the area

If you have questions
contact our harbor hosts:
phone: +46 731 525 939


All prices include VAT

Bopallen and Vettnet

June 17 to August 21

0-10 m310 NOKElectricity included
10.1-12 m380 NOKElectricity included
12.1-14 m450 NOKElectricity included
14.1-16 m580 NOKElectricity included
16.1-20 m620 NOKElectricity included
Over 20.1 mby agreementElectricity included


Kostersundet: (March 23 to June 16 and August 22 to October 31)
Vettnet: (April 19 to June 16 and August 22 to September 24)

0-10 m250 NOKElectricity included
10.1-12 m320 NOKElectricity included
12.1-14 m390 NOKElectricity included
14.1-16 m520 NOKElectricity included
16.1-20 m580 NOKElectricity included
Over 20.1 mby agreementElectricity included


Kostersundet:(Nov 1 - Mar 22)
Vettnet: (Sept 24 - Apr 18)

All boats100 NOKElectricity included
*Sanitary facilities closed, no waste management.
Tel hamnvärd: +46 731 525 939 Nordkoster
5853 N 1107 E

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